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Citizens for Refugees Finland is a nonprofit and politically and religiously unaffiliated association based in Finland. To fulfill its mission, it starts and implements projects to support the status of asylum seekers and refugees in Finland.

We are a group of citizens who share a common concern over asylum seekers’ human rights realization in Finland on one hand and dedication to improve the situation on the other.

You can support us by becoming a member. This year the membership fee is 20€ for individuals and 50 € for communities. You can signup for the membership here.

Your membership become valid when we receive your membership fee, which you can transfer to us as follows:

Recipient  Citizens for Refugees Finland
Account:    FI08 5789 2320 0629 06
Ref:    2202

Kindly write your name in the message field in case the payer is different than the person signing up.

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If you appreciate our mission and the work we do and wish to make a donation, please contact the Board at: office[ät]